EQP-112 Off Car Ignition Coil Tester Our price $330.00+GST

The EQP-112 Ignition Tester is a portable tool for testing a variety of ignition coils off the vehicle to determine if the output spark is acceptable.


This off car ignition coil tester allows for a variety of ignition coil and ignition coil pack types to be operated off the vehicle to observe and determine the spark output condition.

This test unit is capable of testing:

  • Standard ignition coils
  • Ignition coils and coil packs with integrated module
  • Waste spark coil packs
  • Coil over plug individual units

Two output sockets on the front of the unit allow for a simulated MODULE OUTPUT for operating standard ignition coils and a SIGNAL OUTPUT for operating Ignition coils with integrated modules.

The sturdy, easily adjustable spark electrodes allow for a gap range to suit a variety of ignition coils and are easily visible during the testing process.

Can output two sets of drive signals at the same time; Has anti-interference ability, good stability, high load capacity;
Small, easy to use;
Output signal divided into “direct signal” and “within module” signal allows ignition coil with integrated module and without module to be tested; Discharging electrode spark gaps are easily adjustable.

warningWARNING: As with all ignition systems it is important to be cautious of the high voltage output during the testing procedure.


Length: 260 mm
Width: 180 mm
Height: 100 mm
Weight: 2.4kg

Power supply: 12V DC via vehicle battery or separate power supply. (Not included) 


  • Ignition Coil Tester 12V
  • High-Voltage Leads (Red x 1, Black x 1)
  • Discharge Electrodes (Metal x 1, Plastic x 1)
  • 2-Core Cable for testing ignition coils WITHOUT module
  • 3 Core Cable for testing ignition coils WITH module
  • User Manual
  • Bonus – Ignition Coils and Modules Pin Out Diagrams booklet


EQP-112 Full User Manual PDF